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uPhoria is powered by sono-cavitation, the process by which ultrasonic energy is used to produce a powerful and fast activation of hydrogen peroxide. 

Fast Treatment


uPhoria is easily incorporated into every dental hygiene visit. It safely whitens in only 4 minutes and in under 10 minutes of chair time.  Best of all... No soft tissue isolation is needed!



uPhoria is all about the Happy Patient Experience.  The safe, “ouch-less” procedure does not cause tooth sensitivity.  And one more thing... it is 100% enamel safe!



uPhoria is cost effective for you and your patients. The experience will drive both immediate patient gratification AND bottom line results for your practice.

At-Home Care


uPhoria @Home is a "dual action" whitening system that does not cause tooth sensitivity, is 100% enamel safe, and does not require strips or trays.


Immediate Results In-Office

uPhoria in-office will provide an immediate jump start to a brighter smile in less than 10 minutes of chair time. The in-office kit includes all the materials you will need to complete one treatment, including the patient's smile afterwards!

At Home kit

Further Results & Maintenance @Home

uPhoria @Home "dual action" whitening contains an accelerator rinse and a patented whitening varnish which temporarily adheres to the teeth.  Clinically proven to whiten 6 shades in only 3 days.  A "zinger free" whitening solution.


We would love to hear from you.  To learn more about uPhoria – see our video or schedule a demo today.

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