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At uPhoria, we are committed to helping you grow your practice. We believe that offering your patients a scientifically advanced, fast, safe and affordable whitening experience will boost your profits.

Why? uPhoria is uniquely positioned to capitalize on an unmet market opportunity, both in-office and at home.

By the Numbers

Did you know?

There are 150,000 dental practices in the U.S. and approximately 290,000,000 prophys per year.

80% of patients would like to get their teeth whitened, but elect not to because time or affordability constraints – two barriers the uPhoria system has overcome.

4% of patients elect to have in-office or take home whitening procedures done through their dentist.

uPhoria allows your practice to effectively grow your revenue and profits by offering patients a service that they really desire.

Invest with Confidence - uPhoria's Return of Investment (ROI)

We are confident the uPhoria system will improve your practice profitability.

A fast and affordable uPhoria should generate approximately $74,000 in annual revenues for your practice and pay for itself in less than two months.

* Illustrative example, assumes 2 treatments a day.



uPhoria Support Team - Getting You "Up and Running"

Immediately following your system purchase, you will be introduced to our dedicated on-boarding specialists which will ensure you are "up and running" in no time.

uPhoria's set up and treatment application is simple (should only take 10 minutes!) and we are committed to not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations. As such, you will be invited to attend a one hour training webinar which will train you on effectively delivering the uPhoria experience and answer any technical or clinical questions you may have. Following the completion of your training webinar, your office will receive a 'uPhoria-Certified Practice' certificate.

Practice Building Communication Materials

We are pleased to offer the following professional marketing materials to help you quickly grow your uPhoria revenues.

Patient Consent Form

Media Release Form

Training Video

Patient Flyer

Patient Poster

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Hear From uPhoria Customers

uPhoria is a highly effective and pain-free whitening treatment with minimal chair time and no adverse reactions. The shade improvement is dramatic. I think what patients will like best is that they can whiten their teeth during every regular hygiene appointment. Nothing competes with an in-office whitening treatment in four minutes. I would highly recommend this procedure to other dentists and their patients.

Mike Stoici


After using the system myself, I can see how efficient and effective it is. I saw 4 shades of improvement on my own smile in 4 minutes. When my patients notice that their teeth are whiter they want to move forward with other cosmetic and restorative procedures along with orthodontics. I definitely see uPhoria as a win for providers as a way to enhance their patients' regular visits and to get their patients invested in their dental care.

Charbel Klaib


I have done over 100 uPhoria treatments...5 minutes to a great smile from a satisfied patient.

Misty Mattingly


Patients love they can incorporate an affordable whitening solution into their hygeine appointment.

Dr. Havens