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At uPhoria, we are committed to helping you grow your practice by offering your patients a scientifically advanced "ouch-less" whitening solution. We are confident you will improve patient satisfaction, increase recall, and drive your bottom line.

Every Visit Counts


The average dental practice will see 160 hygiene patients per month, yet only 2-3 whitening treatments are completed. With uPhoria , now every hygiene patient can get a brighter smile in an existing appointment. 

What Patients Want


It's simple, a brighter smile without the pain typically associated with professional whitening.  This is where uPhoria comes in, it's a quick, "ouch-less" experience at an affordable price.

uPhoria Lifecycle


Just like perio checks are performed at every hygiene appointment, whitening should be part of the standard of care.  Now it can!  uPhoria gives your patients something to look forward to every 6 months. 

We Can Help


uPhoria allows your practice to effectively grow revenues by offering patients a service they really want at an affordable price point. The uPhoria experience will grow BOTH your patient’s satisfaction AND your practice profits.

Every Visit Counts

Whitening is the #1 desired treatment,  80% of patients want a brighter smile, but only 4% actually buy a professional in-office or take home solution.

Why? Chair time, cost, and pain.


The Solution

uPhoria has successfully overcome the time, cost, and pain obstacles that are common with other whitening treatments.  The uPhoria experience will help drive recall, boost your practice revenues and profitability.

Invest with Confidence

We are confident uPhoria will improve your practice profitability.  By doing just one or two treatments per day, you would generate approximately $74,000 in incremental annual revenue and it would pay for itself in less than two months.

The example below illustrates your economic return.  Average patient charge is $149 (in-office procedure $99 and @Home kit $50). 


Patient Cost







See How it Works

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Getting Up & Running

Give us a call today, we are here to help.  Once you purchase your uPhoria system, our dedicated team of on-boarding specialists will ensure you are successful with uPhoria in no time.

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