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Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I get a uPhoria Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening treatment?

We recommend that you get an Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening treatment once every 6 months after you get your teeth cleaned with your dentist.

How can I maintain my white teeth after my treatment?

We offer a take home kit called “uPhoria Go”. This comes with 7 sets of whitening trays that can be used to maintain your white smile between treatments.

Will this cause tooth sensitivity?

The uPhoria Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening System does not cause tooth sensitivity. Because the whitening gel contains alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, you may experience slight irritation on your gums if they are exposed to the whitening gel during your treatment. The irritation should not last long but if you notice any discomfort during your treatment, be sure to alert the hygienist so that they can make proper adjustments to protect your gums.

Can you get a uPhoria Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening treatment if you are pregnant?

We recommend that you first consult your doctor before receiving a treatment if you are pregnant.

Can you use it with veneers / caps?

The uPhoria Ultrasonic Teeth Whitening System is completely safe to use on veneers and dental restorations. The treatment will work on veneers, but will only whiten to their original color.

How long does one treatment last?

It is recommended to get one Whitening treatment every 6 months following your cleaning with your dentist. If you want an extra boost between treatments, we suggest you purchase our take home kit, “uPhoria Go”.

Does this remove deep stains or just surface stains?

The proprietary formulation has been developed to remove both deep stains and surface stains.

What testing has been done on this Whitening Treatment?

This product has been through rigorous testing to be FDA Compliant. It was also been through Enamel Safety Testing to ensure that it will not damage or weaken teeth.

Are the Treatment Kits reusable?

The treatment kits are for single use only. Please dispose of all parts of the kit once the treatment is complete.

Can I do more than one treatment at a time?

We recommend that you only do one treatment per dentist visit. Multiple treatments don’t necessarily mean that your teeth will continue to whiten as the initial treatment removes the most stains.

Do I need to wait after the treatment before drinking or smoking?

We recommend that you refrain from eating, drinking or smoking for 30 minutes after your treatment is completed.