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Our Story

While working in a dental office in the summer of 1999, Damon Brown and Graham Philp, D.D.S had patients coming back to the dental office that had experienced severe tooth sensitivity while using at-home whitening trays.  They thought that there had to be a better way to provide patients with a positive experience while trying to improve their appearance.  After countless hours of research, testing, and working with dentists & chemists, they developed the first ever sensitive free whitening product.  Since that summer day 20 years ago, Dentovations has created numerous over the counter whitening products for several Fortune 500 companies. 

After success in the over the counter market and their experience in dental offices, the team at Dentovations knew that their was still a need for an "ouch-less" whitening option for patients while visiting their dentist. In 2007, David Wuchinich joined the team and brought his expertise in sono-chemistry to us. This was when uPhoria was born, the first ever "ouch-less" whitening system incorporating awesome ultrasonic technology with some pretty cool chemistry.  


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