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uPhoria is a whitening experience which combines a technologically advanced in-office treatment and an at-home solution.

Immediate Gratification In-Office


The in-office treatment consumes less than 10 minutes of chair time and its typically administered after a patient's regularly scheduled hygiene appointment.

Further Results & Maintenance @Home


The @Home Whitening Solution provides "double action" whitening & is supported by a patented whitening varnish which adheres peroxide for about 30 minutes & whitens 6 shades in 30 days.


uPhoria is Clinically Proven & Based on Science

Uphoria is powered by sono-cavitation, the process by which ultrasonic sound is used to produce a powerful and fast activation of hydrogen peroxide. Developed by one of five leading global engineers in dentistry, uPhoria is the first to market this proprietary technology.


uPhoria Will Financially Benefit Your Practice

Whitening is the #1 desired treatment, but while 80% of patients want a brighter smile , only 4% actually buy a professional in-office or take some solution.


uPhoria Has Successfully Overcome These Factors and Is Uniquely Positioned to Capitalize On the Resulting Market Opportunity


The uPhoria Experience Will Drive Recurring Visits & Boost Your Practice Revenues & Profitability

Hear From uPhoria Customers

uPhoria is a highly effective and pain-free whitening treatment with minimal chair time and no adverse reactions. The shade improvement is dramatic. I think what patients will like best is that they can whiten their teeth during every regular hygiene appointment. Nothing competes with an in-office whitening treatment in four minutes. I would highly recommend this procedure to other dentists and their patients.

Mike Stoici


After using the system myself, I can see how efficient and effective it is. I saw 4 shades of improvement on my own smile in 4 minutes. When my patients notice that their teeth are whiter they want to move forward with other cosmetic and restorative procedures along with orthodontics. I definitely see uPhoria as a win for providers as a way to enhance their patients' regular visits and to get their patients invested in their dental care.

Charbel Klaib


I have done over 100 uPhoria treatments...5 minutes to a great smile from a satisfied patient.

Misty Mattingly


Patients love they can incorporate an affordable whitening solution into their hygeine appointment.

Dr. Havens