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Hear From uPhoria Customers

uPhoria is a highly effective and pain-free whitening treatment with minimal chair time and no adverse reactions. The shade improvement is dramatic. I think what patients will like best is that they can whiten their teeth during every regular hygiene appointment. Nothing competes with an in-office whitening treatment in four minutes. I would highly recommend this procedure to other dentists and their patients.

Mike Stoici


After using the system myself, I can see how efficient and effective it is. I saw 4 shades of improvement on my own smile in 4 minutes. When my patients notice that their teeth are whiter they want to move forward with other cosmetic and restorative procedures along with orthodontics. I definitely see uPhoria as a win for providers as a way to enhance their patients' regular visits and to get their patients invested in their dental care.

Charbel Klaib


I have done over 100 uPhoria treatments...5 minutes to a great smile from a satisfied patient.

Misty Mattingly


Patients love they can incorporate an affordable whitening solution into their hygeine appointment.

Dr. Havens